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 About Us

We are the design company that serves to please YOU - our clients, as its our paramount responsibility to achieve such measures. 

The name "ARCHIDESIGNEA" was formed from the combination of a formidable phrase - ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN IDEAS, where segments of the phrase were broken to derived at a unique name that has not yet surfaced. ADI was initially started with a number and comprises of a number of Architectural Students, who attained their Bachelor Of Arts Degree from the Caribbean School of Architecture, located on the University of Technology campus of Jamaica, West Indies. 

Our Team of Designers and 3D Developers are comprised of an interdisciplinary team of professionals specialize in distinct areas of study, working together as one unit to achieve ONE common objective; thats is to bring about a broad range of services based on state-of-the-art technologies, to aid our clienteles in succeeding in this new-network economy.


Our first paramount mission is to please our clients in all areas of services that we provide. Creating rich, clean, and quality buildings that work and function effectively alongwith other service areas being dealt with the same inspiration and creativity.  

Email Us at:                      Phone:  876-851-9096

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